Education Services

Upon going into effect of Act No. 5188 on the VIP services, Akdeniz Security Services Corporation started setting up educational institutions in the field of security to provide educational services in Istanbul and Eskisehir.

As Akdeniz Security Training Institution;

First of all, eliminating qualified personnel shortage by training staff whom we will employ within the organization. 

Enabling candidates who meet requriments to receive education in modern classes and visual setting according to related legislation and Act No.5188 on Private Security Services. 

Providing regular training classes for trainees to enhance their communication skills, make them aware of legitimate power and obligations, and  enable them to serve as committed to code of conduct and ethics. 

Ensuring that the trainees pass their competence test successfully.

Selecting teaching staff who are well qualified, keep him/herself up to date, knowledgeable open for improvement and has a career in the profession. Besides in-service training, providing security training for institutions and organizations within the Akdeniz Security.  

Providing VIP close protection training and service for people.



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