Corporate Governance
Code of Ethics

"Akdeniz Security Services Inc, Co. Code of Ethics " which all managers and employees of our company are required  to adopt and implement are defined to increase the company's corporate value. These ethical rules are explained to the public on the website of the company.


Akdeniz Security executes its  activities on the basis of  laws in force, relevant legislation, articles of incorporation, internal 
regulations and established policies.


We believe that the greatest impact on successful results we achieve  for our company with the structure working in service sector and serving human directly as a main area of activity is to have "human resource". In accordance with this belief,  we expect our employees to aim to carry out  job descriptions in accordance with the following ethical principles;
- Employees should  demonstrate necessary attention and care while performing their duties to comply with laws, regulations, internal regulations and ethical principles, they are obliged to stay away from any behavior and actions that would damage Akdeniz Security. In the event of detection of  employees who act contrary to the principles of business ethics, it should be reported to executives with documentation.
- Employees should work  with colleagues at the workplace  and managers in the field  harmoniously, they should act in accordance with the rules and ethical principles in the relationship with  private or official individuals / institutions / organizations which have a relation with the workplace.
- Employees  can not use the company’s resources for personal benefits; they can not get involved in any unlawful behavior and attitude. They fight against all kinds of corruption including bribery.
- All executives and employees of the company can not share non-public information about the company with third parties and use it in favor of themselves and others.
- They show utmost attention to the use of company resources efficiently and accurately and avoid unnecessary spending. They don’t use the company’s property and resources for personal interests and they prevent the use of them.
- They give importance to education, make an effort to improve their professional skills in business and to be more efficient.
With regard to employees, Akdeniz Security:
-It offers all employees fair and equal opportunities to work and improve in a safe working environment.
- It is committed to comply with labor laws /agreements and regulations related to employees’ rights.
-Management  provides support for the development of their careers .


- We fulfill our commitments in time, with accuracy and thoroughness in all services and products that we offer to our customers. Integrity,  long-term partnership and professionalism are essential for our relationships.
- We comply/expect to be complied with the mutual agreement and oral / written commitments in the products and services we provide for our customers. Our company is also committed to maintaining its activities in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations by taking into account the highest principles of business ethics in the relations with institutions and organizations.
- The confidentiality of information within the scope of trade secrets about our customers is ensured.
- Our company has the responsibility  to act with the principles of fair competition in the field of activitiy.


We ensure that  the  information on the statements  we make to shareholders and the public, is timely, accurate, complete and understandable. 

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