Corporate Governance
Information Policy

The purpose of this policy is that our company acts with Capital Markets Board Serial: VIII, No: 54 "Statement of Principles Regarding Public Disclosure of Special Cases Descriptions" article 26 in accordance with the Corporate Governance Principles, and informs shareholders, stakeholders and all other parties in equal, fair, accurate, and synchronized way by the principles of openness and transparency,

Our company prepared this policy in order for stakeholders listed below who will be given information to obtain it timely, accurate, clear, complete and easily accessible by the principles of corporate governance.
Our company complies with Capital Markets Legislation, Capital Markets Act (the "Act"), the Capital Markets Board ("CMB") and the Istanbul Stock Exchange ("ISE") regulations about public disclosure.
Board of Directors presents information policy that it prepared to shareholders at the general board and announces to public relating to public disclosure.
In case of a change in information policy, the issues and the reasons that are amended, after the approval of the board of directors, will be presented to the general board and announced to public.

Authority and Responsibility

Public disclosure and monitoring, supervision and development of information policy in the company is under the authority and responsibility of the Board of Directors, the Investor Relations Department was charged for the coordination of information function. The officials fulfill their responsibilities in close cooperation with the Board of Directors.

Information Policy approved by the Board of Directors, is presented to the shareholders at the General Board and announced to public on the  website.

The scope of the information to be publicly announced will be made in accordance with Capital Markets Law No. 2499 regulations, Serial VIII, No. 54 Statement of "Principles Regarding Public Disclosure of Special Cases" and instructions specified on the other notifications.
Stakeholders and organizations that will be given information in accordance with the company's information policy are as follows:
a-Existing Investors
b-Potential Investors
d-Regulatory bodies

Information Tools:
Information policy is carried out by the following means.
The web site (The web site is actively used for information, periodic updates are made.)
Meetings with investors
Media and press releases
Trade Registry Gazette and other newspapers announcements (registration statement, circular, call for the general board, etc.).
News channels (Reuters, AP, Bloomberg, FX etc).
Communication instruments such as e-mail, letter, etc. 
Telephone, fax, etc.
Subjects in the scope of information

Information that will be given includes the following points:

Disclosure of Financial Statements:

The Company's financial statements and footnotes are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). They are  independently audited and following the approval of the Board of Directors, they are sent to MKB in accordance with regulations of CMB, MKB and MKB notifications. Upon diclosure of financial statements, footnotes and the independent audit report, they are also sent electronically as a Public Disclosure Project (PDP) notification.
The annual report, financial statements and footnotes, independent audit report and profit distribution policy are delivered to investors, the public, stakeholders and the regulatory authorities through the website and other distribution organs in a timely and accurate manner.

Special Case Statements:
In the event of special circumstances required to be disclosed to the public, special case statements relating to this subject are sent to the MKB and PDP by persons authorized by the Board according to CMB Serial: VIII, No: 54 " Statement on Principles Regarding Public Disclosure of Special Cases "

Information on the General Board:
Any information relating to the General Board is kept open for inspection at least 3 weeks prior to the general board at the company's headquarters and branches and made public through the website.

Disclosures and Announcements:
The Board of Directors authorizes related persons  for disclosures about the company's commercial activities, comments to be made on current issues and its expectations. Meetings that  Board of Directors and / or authorized personnel have with  the press are planned and organized by the Shareholder s and Relations Department. In the case that developments which might significantly affect the value of the company's stock according to the notification, statements are made by authorized persons to give information as described below.

Principles of Corporate Governance:

The company makes strong effort to put SPK Corporate Governance Principles  into practice within the company. The company includes the compliance report about  whether it implements Corporate Governance Principles published by the Capital Markets Board's report or not, issues and reasons on what it may not be able to implement on the annual report and website.

Profit Distribution Policy:
Profit distribution policy established by the Board of Directors of the Company is disclosed to the public. This policy is presented to the shareholders at the General Board and takes place on the annual report.

Disclosure of expectations:
Within the framework of the company information policy, expectations and goals about developments expected to have a significant impact on the activities of the company and the like may be disclosed taking into consideration the partnership budget data. Information described in the
expectations can not contain unfounded exaggerated assumptions,  predictions and  can not be misleading. 

Code of Ethics:

The established code of ethics is disclosed to the public within the framework of information policy.

Persons authorized to give information:
Except for disclosures, persons authorized to make public statements, Chairman and Members of the Board of Directors, General Manager, Finance Manager, Shareholder Relations Department, according to the level of information request, answer in written or orally in relation to questions as well as press statements made to the written and visual media and Reuters, Foreks  etc. data distribution channels. Apart from this, partnership employeees , unless they are specially charged, may not answer questions from Capital Market Participants or any organization / person.


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